Guaranteed Buy Back Plan


Buyback Guarantee – what does that mean?

We hold our furniture to the highest quality standards – which is why we offer a guaranteed buyback on them. So if you choose to return our furniture within 3 years of purchase, we will buy it back at up to 50% of its purchase value. This programme is currently available under our local shipping area in Singapore only and it does not include delivery service charges or free gift during the initial purchase. Only applicable for residential usage by customer. It will not be applicable if the furniture is purchased for commercial use or the product have been used commercially

Sounds great! How do I opt in?

• Products available under this programme are only for products purchased online in
• Buy Back Guarantee only applies if Original Sales Order or Invoice of Purchase are still available to present as proof of purchase or validated by us to be eligible for BBG. We will not entertain if customer cannot provide the Sales Order or Purchase Invoice.
• To request for buy-back, you should contact our customer service team at to request for BBG and email us the Sales Order or Purchase Invoice with the initial delivery date and the photo of the product to show the condition and any defects.
• Our technical team will reach out to you and help fulfil the request.

How much do I get back?

This depends on when you choose to sell the product back to us and whether you opt for vouchers or cash. The table below has the details.

Duration               If you opt for XTRA Vouchers              If you opt for cash

6 – 12 months                              50%                                                40%
1 – 2 years                                     40%                                                30%
2 – 3 years                                     30%                                                20%

Buyback Guarantee: Detailed Terms and Conditions

Terms & Conditions:

To be eligible for a return, You must be a full paying customer. If you did not purchase your product directly from, you are not eligible for a return. To complete the BBG program, we require a receipt or proof of purchase and for You to be available for the scheduled pick up time.

You must have been using your Products for 6 months from the date of purchase before you can initiate the return.

You can redeem the Buyback Guarantee value as a discount against any new product at

There are no charges for any buyback guaranteed purchase made on or after 15th July 2021.

After complete the step of confirmation and review by our team, it will takes about 3 days to 28 days to be collect back the item and Cash or XTRA Voucher will be transferred or send by snail mail after the item has been collect back and inspection by our team in our warehouse.

Collection date will only be schedule by our team and the cost of delivery for the return item will be borne by customer.

You are assured a Buyback Guarantee value as long as you fulfil the conditions for the program. Buyback Guarantee value may not be awarded, or awarded with deductions at the company’s discretion if these conditions are not fulfilled. Please note that the furniture will not be accepted if
• There are breakages caused by impacts or accidents.
• Any damages to the product that has been stored, assembled or installed incorrectly, used inappropriately, abused, misused, altered, accidentally damaged, or cleaned using the wrong cleaning methods or cleaning products.
• Broken glass items like table tops, cabinet glass doors, mirrors.
• If any parts of the furniture are broken and coming apart like a sofa/table/chair legs.
• Sofas with damaged springs.
• There is a damaged mechanism for hydraulic storage/sofa beds, etc.
• There are missing parts in the furniture sets, e.g. a chair missing/broken in a dining table set or handles/locks/keys missing in a wardrobe.
• Furniture having bed-bugs/termites, etc.
• Furniture having incomplete hardware due to which the product can’t be reassembled.
• Any major tears/non-removable stains on upholstery
• Furniture that has been modified since purchase (e.g., re-painting, re-upholstering, addition of new parts, etc.)
• There are any other structural damages which make the Furniture unusable in as-is condition.

You will still be eligible for BBG If you shift from current address to another if it is still in Singapore. The Guarantee Buy Back policy is non-transferable.

Anything that can’t be resold will be recycled or donated to community projects.

FJ & Joseph Pte Ltd, as the owner of, reserves the right to terminate or cancel this Buy Back Guarantee Policy. FJ & Joseph Pte Ltd, or its’ agents shall not be held liable for damages for any disputes pertaining to Buy Back Guarantee for purchases made after any termination and cancellation date.