5 Fun Facts and Features You Probably Didn’t Know About Murphy Wall Beds

✅ 1. Wall Beds for Every Space – Wall beds come in a variety of styles and shapes to fit your needs and space. Available in single, super single, small double, queen, and some custom sizes, these functional furniture pieces can be customised to fit your space perfectly. From simple to opulent, let Spacekoncept help you find the right design for your space. They can also be opened vertically or horizontally to fit any space with ease.

✅ 2. Lightweight and Easy – Although wall beds may seem large and cumbersome, they are actually constructed to be simple and safe to open. While there are a variety of locking mechanisms and mechanics, once the wall beds are unlocked, they are very easy to operate. Many of our models can even be opened with just one hand!

✅ 3. Two Rooms in One – Wall beds allow you to utilise a room to the fullest, which often means that it can serve two main functions! Your home office can become a stylish spare bedroom with the installation of a wall bed. Just think about the extra space you will have if you use this space-saver to combine a kid’s bedroom with their playroom! Wall beds can truly expand your living space.

✅ 4. Real Mattresses Equals Real Comfort – Older Murphy beds may have a reputation as being small and uncomfortable. This is far from the truth as today’s modern wall beds can be just about any size you want, and the comfort is astounding. We use special plush mattresses designed for vertical storage to provide real comfort for you and your guests!

✅ 5. Now You See It, Now You Don’t – Instead of being the elephant in the room taking up useful and much-needed space, wall beds can be designed to give your room the extra space you need. Modern wall beds can be completely concealed during the day. Units can even have attached shelves and cabinetry to provide extra utility.

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